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Cover Designs

  • By Darren Willbourne
  • 20 Nov, 2015

New cover designs for WWIIi and Haunting Episodes Books

Lazy Hound Blog

By Darren Willbourne 14 Nov, 2016
From Ghost Hunts to Events and Entertainment Services, we have collected A LOT of stuff throughout our many incarnations.

"What if" we thought to ourselves, "What if there was somewhere other than online auction sites and boot sales to sell our stuff. Somewhere that potential buyers had peace of mind that they weren't going to be royally shafted!"

So, here we have it, the Lazy Hound online store.

We've got some great first editions and signed books, housewares, collectables, jewellery and watches, electronics and artwork. Drop by, don't be shy, give it a try...
By Darren Willbourne 02 Jun, 2016

If like me you enjoy nothing more than immersing your ear holes in mirth, mystery and macabre-mayhem, then Ghosts Flaunted should definitely float your boat.

I was obviously born in the wrong decade. I yearn for the time of escapism where you are required to use your imagination to immerse yourself in the narrative world. TV and Film are great, obviously but they mean that nothing is left for you to do except watch - everything is laid out in front of you and you are guided on the journey by the director's vision and aptitude for storytelling.

In the 1940's and 50's radio ruled. Millions of people in sitting rooms and bedrooms where mesmerised by the kind of storytelling that required you to imagine places, people and events - bringing you closer to the unfolding journey, including you in the adventure.

This is the type of immersive entertainment I yearn to recreate. Simple, clever, engaging and enticing tales which take you away from the commonplace to find yourself enthralled within a fictional fantasy world. The key element being your interaction in visualising the world we have created and seeing our characters in your mind.

The first step in creating this world is Ghosts Flaunted.

Join Margot St Clement, a fifty-something TV has-been who has just been forced to resign from her early morning satellite show. Margot and her sidekick, Psychic Spiritualist Medium to the Stars, Gerry Van Der Vank, have been abandoned in TV limbo-land.

That all changes when Gerry's spirit guide, ex-OAP Phyllis, provides salvation in the form of a chat show with a difference, the guests being mostly dead.

Enjoy the adventure as the newly-formed Purple Pussy Productions begin their mysteriously macabre escapades across the country, battling for good, for humanity and most importantly, for ratings.

Funding this project will enable us to record the pilot and first series of Ghosts Flaunted to the required production values we demand for our listeners. We will use professional voice and editorial services and make the stories available for download via our bespoke website and hopefully through sources such as AMAZON and iTunes.

We will seek to host a dedicated interactive web experience to further involve fans and sponsors in the future development of Ghost Haunted, in addition to brand new pilots and projects.

Thank you for your interest and I hope that Margot, Gerry and Phyllis will get the opportunity to voice their appreciation too!


Your much appreciated pledges will enable us to purchase essential professional quality recording and editing equipment, studio hire and professional services to help us complete series one.

During this production phase we will also be establishing the dedicated podcast and interactive Ghosts Flaunted site, where we keep the fan base up to speed on this and upcoming future projects.

Your pledges also enable us to provide the exclusive rewards on offer and will provide an opportunity to look at future merchandising and sales opportunities for Ghosts Flaunted and subsequent audiobook projects.

Risks and challenges

Potential disasters:

So, what could go wrong with this kickstarter project?

Scenario 1: Voice and editorial work fails to be completed within timescale. Despite assurances that this won't happen, you can never ignore the powerful law of sod. So - we inform backers of progress highlighting any issues as and when they appear on the horizon. If we have a complete meltdown and are unable to deliver rewards on time we will flick to plan 9. Whilst maintaining our promise to deliver, albeit in a longer timescale, we will keep in contact and add enhancements to packages. These will include hard copy scripts being posted at no additional cost, personal email correspondence and exclusive podcasts and blogs to keep you up to speed and within the slightly warped loop.

Scenario b: Ghosts Flaunted doesn't sell and is a commercial flopperoony. Well, this could very well happen. If it does, then your exclusive rewards become even more exclusive! We shall not be deterred and will ensure that lessons learnt will be acted upon and a shiny new version or versions will be manifested at our earliest opportunity.

Visit the project

By Darren Willbourne 30 Nov, 2015
Our gallery has undergone a revamp to present you with images from our previous incarnations, events and services over the years. We will maintain this theme to show you what we are up to now, where and with whom - through to upcoming venues, equipment and new projects. We hope you enjoy.
By Darren Willbourne 13 Nov, 2015
Visit our downloads page to get a sneak peak at this spooky new volume - exclusively available here
By Darren Willbourne 13 Nov, 2015
After mucho-tweakage, the site should now be fully functional and hopefully even a little bit interesting! Please let us know if you have any issues in terms of site access. Thank you.
By Darren Willbourne 13 Nov, 2015
Work is well underway on the novel WWIIi, go to our downloads page for the first chapter - exclusively available here.

Spanning 50 years, the novel switches between Operation Market Garden in September 1944 and the 50th Anniversary event in 1994. WWIIi is a love story combining the cruelties of war with the ravages of time, the novel manages to capture the dark humour that is present even in the most adverse circumstances.
By Darren Willbourne 29 Oct, 2015
Click on our TOWY page for more info
By Darren Willbourne 29 Oct, 2015
Visit our DBUNKD page to find out more
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